By Pernille Elvirose

One Step to Next Step
A presence concept for sustainable change

Art of presence

About Pernille

Born 1966

Entrepreneur since 2000

Teacher & Communicator

Professional coach in constructive criticism

Project Manager

Concept Developer

Coaching in Mindfulness and Breathing

Passionate & versatile adventurer 


Training & Background

Gestalt Therapist
Psykoterapeutisk Institut / Walter Kempler

Body Therapist with speciality in chock and trauma
Bodynamic International

Stress prevention and management
Balanced Leadership

Coaching in cultivation of presence and Mindfulness
Mindfullness ved Lakha Lama og Jon Kabat-Zinn

Body & Voice Communicator
Centre for Creativity and Theatre

Classical ballet student
The Royal Danish Ballet School


Inspired by

Hans Brenaa
Former director of The Royal Ballet

Gabrielle Roth
Dancer – 5 Rhythms

Alexander Lowen
Bio Energetics

Lakha Lama

Deepak Chopra
Ayurvedic Philosopher

Claus Bindslev
Bindslev A/S, Executive advisor

Stig Åvall Severinsen

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Rudolf Steiner
Austrian Philosopher

Michael Chekov
Russian born theatre practitioner

Konstantin Stanislavskij
Russian born actor & director

My children…
…Family & and steadfast friends


Pernille Elvirose, (born 1966) Professional background in Psychology as a Gestalt Therapist.
Further training in neuroaffective development therapy/SE Chock and trauma. Moreover, Pernille is a Cultivation of Presence and Mindfulness coach and has vocational training in body and voice and teaches in Performance training.
Pernille Elvirose teaches in the corporate sector both in Denmark and abroad. She has taught for than 17 years. She produces retreats and events for both the corporate sector and private clients, She teaches and has taught at leading psychotherapeutic institutes

Pernille produces courses, sessions and speeches in performance training, leadership, stress management/heartfulness, health, the art of living – passionate about the relation between the brain, nervous system and the heart. Pernille is passionate about further exploring the science behind much of this modern methodology. She draws from much of the newest research in the field.


Customer References and Testemonials:

“Pernille has a very special ability to meet people wherever they are.

I have spent 5 intensive days together with Pernille in the Mallorcin mountains. I experienced a very varied course where Pernille consistently managed to include what emerged in the present and make it relevant and relevant to the entire group. An amazing natural experience, a superb dining experience, lovely and enriching people. And then I came into my body, as I have not been there for many years.

I came home with some brand new and very specific tools and experience that I actually use them daily when I need to perform or need to be extra-present. ”

Carsten Lassen

“Pernille introduced me to breathing exercises and current meditation back in 2010 and ever since, it has given me great joy in life. Today, I feel like Lance Armstrong at EPO when I breathe. ”

Jakob Lerche Hansen
Human Biologist, PhD.

“When I started to attend to attendance, I discovered that I have lived 33 years of my life, without speculating what it means to breathe. I have never cultivated, or understood, the meaning of the term “being present in his body”. It has been the most like something some “hippie-like” types talked about. Something I could not relate to. But I’ve discovered that there are big differences in hearing other “hippie-like” types tell about the presence and depth of mind and body – and discovering it yourself. ”

Line Mørkeby