By Pernille Elvirose

One Step to Next Step
A presence concept for sustainable change

My Team


Nathanial Dainty Stewart


Nathanial’s dream is to travel around the world doing sharing his Divine Creativity and Super Powers to make the world a better place.

His lifestyle in the healing arts began in 2005 with Tui Na Therapeutic Chinese massage, Therapeutic Thai massage and Chi energy work.

He has years of studies in the Chinese art of Acupuncture, a Black belt in Kung Fu and he is an instructor of Tai Chi – Chi Kung + Wing Chun kung Fu.

As a musician, he plays the Bansuri Indian Flute, Guitar, voice, and African percussion instruments as an aid for holistic healing and inner listening.

As a student, he has maintained a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice upon his return from India in 2017. He also has a Masters degree in Contemporary Fine Art that he uses in his daily life for inspiration.

Robin Johnson


Healer, Teacher, Pathfinder

Robin Johnson is a healer with more than twenty-five years of professional experience. From a young age, she was told that she had healing hands. This, together with a childhood near-death experience intensified her sensitivity and marked the beginning of her path as a healer.

A lifelong explorer of metaphysical pursuits, Robin practiced Transcendental Meditation, the Science of Mind, and yoga and pranayama with Swami Satchidananda, living for a time at his Santa Cruz (California) ashram. Initiation into shamanic journeying with anthropologist and author Michael Harner enhanced her ability to commune with the spirit world directly. This was furthered developed while working with medicine men and women from the Americas as well as Polynesia and Siberia.

Veronique Mandoline


Unique pure loving soul, with a sense of taste and beauty in her creation of making food by heart, as well as power juices and super healthy drinks.

Veronique is a native woman with a big heart for animals, the nature. She’s in a way the nature, with a special connection to the sea…

Veronique’s delicious fresh, light-infused food plant-based, prepares deliciously vibrant food with love…


Luise Enevold


Luise is one of a kind; she is the founder of Transformational touch, of which you will experience when you meet her, her presence is magical.

Luise is an artist with a very phenomenal background; she’s an adventurer, and we are so happy to be able to work with her.

Luise is as well of the rest of my team a nature lover, with an amazing humour, a very bright energy, and a top inspiring and humble presence.

Luise are working with us, all around the world.