By Pernille Elvirose

One Step to Next Step
A presence concept for sustainable change


By Pernille Elvirose

We specialize in tailoring retreats under special skies for companies - We offer short and long stays where we form the framework for your very special project and development needs.

Our particular expertise and passion is to take you on a journey, where we offer you mentoring, professional feedback and coaching in the outmost perfect settings. We design, plan and implement unique courses and sessions, which strengthen you and your company.

The Art of Retreats By Pernille Elvirose consists of:

– Attention to your particular needs for development and wishes and objectives for the stay
– Inspiration and tranquillity as to contemplate in the right surroundings.
– A healthy, nutritious and delicious diet
– Personal and professional development through collaboration and conversations
– A team of passionate, dedicated and competent mentors.
– Expert knowledge in ways of living, meditation, sustainable processes of change, leadership, personal development and dissemination.

Let us together plan the course or sessions, which specifically suits your needs:

– Training sessions, Leadership Seminars, Strategic Development Courses or Sessions of Inspiration
– The perfect settings for mentoring, quiet contemplation, meditation and trekking in stunning nature.

Where would you like to go?

We have carefully selected spacious villas in the mountains and smaller hotels in scenic surroundings. All our houses and hotels have a particular, relaxing vibe, a beautiful, aesthetic setting with a spacious, stylish and stunning décor.

California & Bali

Keep an eye out for new retreats in Autumn 2018 and early Spring 2019.


Going away can be the first step towards coming home.

Spring and autumn retreats to beautiful Cala Deia

Presence now – 5 amazing days for you, who need to come home!

The feeling of being alive, presence and joy are the primary ingredients of the five amazing days! You are your own centre of attention and it is all about time to yourself. Our wish is for you to return home with a greater sense of well-being as an even stronger version of yourself. In other words, we promise you an outstanding boost of energy!

Mindful, quiet trekking in the beautiful mountains on our doorsteps.
Daily yoga practice, breathing exercises, chi-kung and meditation cultivating presence in the mountains.
Moments of magical beauty and sensuous harmony with the wonderful surroundings.
Daily swimming in the crystal blue waters of the nearby bay.
A day of quiet contemplation with a particular focus on cleansing the body, mind and spirit.
Vegetarian `Super food´ (= organic wares which are a part of the most nourishing and powerful nutrients of the highest level).
A day of partial quiet and tranquillity and nourishing juices.
Delicious juices of vegetables, nourishing beets and healthy, cleansing oils.
Throughout the whole retreat the focus is on our body and mind.
The day begins early with a glass of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
The first meal of the day is around midday. Fasting from early morning until midday combined with movement, yoga and breathing exercises enhances your ability to seek deeper internally and it sharpens your senses.

The training:
You will be taught all the exercises and there will be an informal speech in the evening on the principles behind the balance between the mind, the heart and the body. The speech presents scientifically based research about the brain, the heart and the breath and the importance of diet as to lead a more energetic and well-balanced life. Cultivation of presence combined with yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and chi kung standing meditation.

During the day we are ‘offline’, turn our backs on the hectic world and turn our gaze inwards through the powers of the beautiful nature around us – ‘Back to nature in a natural way!’

The Area:
Beautiful surroundings in our own private, spacious and gorgeous house – in the old artist town of Deia, Mallorca. We will swim in the crystal blue waters of the stunning bay – approximately a 20 minutes walk from the house. A beautiful short walk amongst goats on a mountain trail.


Private villa in Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Next trip in Spring:
(Arrival date: day before start date)
Tuesday 08 May - Saturday 12 May, 2018
Monday 28 May - Friday 01 June, 2018

Next trip in Autumn:
(Arrival date: day before start date)
Tuesday 18 September - Saturday 22 September, 2018
Tuesday 02 October - Saturday 06 October, 2018

Price per participant 10500,-
Incl.: Stay in shared double room with full board
Not included in the price: Flight ticket (additional cost for single room 2500 dkk.)


Nordic Health

New Nordic Retreats coming up - Watch out...

Through DREAM TRIPS, SOUND MEDITATION, PRESENCE TRAINING , QI GONG, GROUP HANDLING and SPIRITUAL BREATHING exercises, you are carefully guided to deep contact with who you are and what you want.

You’ll be spoiled witgh:
Vitamin-rich soups
Power drink
Healthy snacks
Cleansing herbal tea

The beautiful surroundings and nature enrich you with sensuality and allen time – for example, we go long walks in silence.
Body and mind will feel cleaner so you better sense what’s happening in and around you.


North Zealand by the sea.

By Pernille Elvirose & YOUR COMPANY

By Pernille Elvirose & YOUR COMPANY

Courses, Lectures, Teaching & Retreats

By Pernille Elvirose works with the core of the employees, the manager and the company.

We strengthen you and your company by::
- Improving your company’s vision
                 - Bringing attention to the direction of your interactions
                 - Creating clarity, resonance and synergy
                 - Strengthening the community and the connections between your employees

What do you want to be good at?
Do you want to develop yourself as a leader and human being to understand other human beings?

Do you want to use your personal development as to create progression in your company?

By Pernille Elvirose focuses on employees' integrity, balance and insight into their own resources. We ask the good questions and wish to create movement, significance, interest, attachment and loyalty among managers and employees.

By Pernille Elvirose

Walk & Talk

We work with the essential and undisputed potential. What you did not know you had in you. We work to achieve and strengthen the deeper contact of your inner power. Where you are and can be who you are.

What do you want out of life?
Do you want to learn the art of development and discover what you learn from getting to know yourself?

Do you want to listen to what's happening in you?
Do you want to listen to what's happening in you? And listen to what you hear? Do you want to discover what you think? And understand what lies behind the mind?

The purpose is to open to the development of bodily and emotional intelligence.
By Pernille Elvirose works with the essence of you as human being, the essential in human life, with the essence of humanity and with the basic needs of our people. Because it is thus possible to reach our natural power, free us from old patterns and habits and develop our natural ability to create.

Why meditation?
Through meditation we come into contact with our body, our feelings, the thoughts and the essentials that occur within us.